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SUBLIME Mattress Lusocolchão
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SUBLIME Mattress Lusocolchão - High density core and memory foam mattress. Characteristics: Strech ticking (100% PES). Polyether high density foam core. Altura: +/- 25cm (9,82 inches). Micro-massage foam. Anatomical design. Anti-mite. Includes side handles.
Colchão LÁTEX Lusocolchão
€497.00 -25%
LATEX Mattress Lusocolchão - Latex Core Mattress suitable for articulated beds Characteristics:  Tencel strech ticking (58%PES; 42%PA). Latex Core 180mm. High-capacity adapting to the movement of adjustable bed bases (articulated beds). Natural, eco-friendly, antiallergenic and high hygienic. Heigth: +/- 22cm (8.66 inches).
DUBAI Mattress Lusocolchão
€378.00 -30%
DUBAI Mattress Lusocolchão - Core and memory foam mattress. Characteristics: Strech ticking (100%PES). One side: memory foam. The other side: polyether foam. Anatomical design. Anti-mite. Micro-massage foam. Heigth: +/- 21cm.
OCEANO Mattress Lusocolchão
€708.00 -25%
OCEANO Mattress Lusocolchão -  High density core mattress with memory foam suitable for articulated beds. Characteristics: Silver strech ticking. Bottom side of mattress 3D ventilation. Optimum flexibility and elasticity, high-capacity adapting to the movement of adjustable bed bases, providing perfect body support. Antiallergenic and anti-mite. Heigth: +/-20cm (+/-7,87inches).
VISCOAR Mattress Lusocolchão
€642.00 -30%
VISCOAR Mattress Lusocolchão - Core mattress with memory foam.  Characteristics: Strech ticking (58%PES; 42%PA). One side: polyether core 160mm with polyether foam 30mm density 30kg/m3. Outro lado:polyether Beige. 3D ventilated system on the bottom. Height: +/- 26 cm (10,24 inches). Includes side handles. Micro-massage foam. Anti-mite. Anatomical design. Antiallergenic.